Can anyone impress God? Huge Comparison Between Virat Kohli & Sachin Said Brett Lee

Can anyone impress God, said Lee in the context of the huge comparison with Sachin. 

Huge Comparison Between Virat Kohli & Sachin Said Brett Lee

Sachin Tendulkar is the god of cricket. Can anyone impress God? Former Aussie speedster Brett Lee commented on Kohli's comparison with the master-blaster. 

However, the former star pacer wants to see the enjoyable duo of Sachin-Kohli till the end. According to Lee, Kohli has all the logistics to break all Sachin's fancy records with the bat.

On one occasion, in response to a question from Bollywood actor Salman Khan, Tendulkar said that his two worthy successors can break his record of 100 centuries. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. 

According to the master, Kohli is moving at a great pace with the aim of hitting 100 centuries. India has already scored 60 centuries in international cricket. Admitting that, Lee said that the pace at which Kohli has been running in international cricket, there is no doubt that Sachin's record is not safe at all.

And Lee thinks the Indian captain has the three things he needs to touch Sachin's record. According to former Aussie Speedster, talent is the most important thing to touch Sachin's record. Which exists in the giant. Second is fitness. 

At the age of 30, he is very good at fitness. And thirdly mental fortitude. The next time they have a child, Virat has to leave the house, leave his wife, and leave the child and maintain the same mental strength as at present.

With talent, Virat will get the right job. If fitness and mental strength remain the same, then I will impress Sachin in my mind, ”said Lee. However, despite all the possibilities, Brett Lee is respectful of Sachin. Calling Little Master 'God', Lee, who played 76 Tests and 221 ODIs in the country's jersey, said, 'Sachin is God-like. Has anyone ever been able to impress God? We look forward to seeing you.