Kim Jong Un: Hong Kong TV Is Giving This Shocking News

The last was not saved. The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. That is what Hong Kong TV is giving sensational news. And their report has caused a stir everywhere. However, North Korea has not yet commented. Not even notice was given. Various media outlets are tweeting a picture published on Hong Kong TV.

Kim Jong Un: Hong Kong TV Is Giving This Shocking News

There, the body of the North Korean ruler is lying. And the picture has spread more excitement in the court of the world. However, the authenticity of the picture has not been verified. However, this news has created a stir all over the world. The only curiosity is, has a statesmanlike Kim Jong Un really passed away? Although people all over the world are waiting for this answer.

The news came a few days ago that North Korean Commander-in-Chief Kim Jong Un was not doing well. His physical condition deteriorated after an operation. Although North Korea blew up the news, U.S. intelligence confirmed the news. In this situation, Chin extends a helping hand to heal Kim Jong Un. It is learned that some doctors have been sent there. It is learned that those who will examine Kim.

Kim was last seen on April 11. He attended a government meeting. He then celebrated the birthday of his late grandfather Kim Il Sung on April 15. He has since mysteriously disappeared. He is nowhere to be seen. According to a North Korean media source, he has recently undergone heart surgery. He is currently undergoing treatment.

It is learned that his body has not been well for the last few months. He used to smoke heavily. So I fell ill. Although North Korea claims that the news about Kim's illness is wrong. Sources said he has been ill since August. However, there is no news of his coronation yet. America is keeping an eye on the whole matter. The US President himself is investigating. Neither Washington nor the Trump administration has yet commented on Kim's death. Neither neighboring South Korea has commented on the matter.