Apple Should Experiment With Prototypes For A Dual-Screen iPhone

Apple Should Experiment With Prototypes For A Dual-Screen iPhone
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The US computer company Apple should experiment with prototypes for a "foldable" iPhone. Unlike the folding smartphones from Samsung and Huawei, Apple's iPhone prototype is said to have two separate displays and no large, coherent folding screen.
YouTuber Jon Prosser is becoming a well-informed source when it comes to information about planned Apple products. , his contacts go so far inside the Cupertino group that he recently wanted to learn about a before experimental project in which Apple is developing a type of dual-screen iPhone.

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As Prosser recently announced on Twitter, his sources report that Apple has developed a foldable smartphone. But, this device should not have a full-surface foldable OLED panel made of plastic, such as is used for the Huawei Mate X or the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Z Flip. But it is also supposed to be a prototype.

No 'Touch', but a border on the outer display for Face ID

According to Prosser, the prototype has a design that resembles the iPhone 11 and is thus rather round and uses stainless steel as the frame material. However, there is no "notch", as you are used to from the current iPhones, but a narrow edge, which is on the outer housing part around the display, in which Apple has housed the Face ID laser sensor.
As far as design is concerned, but, according to Prosser sources, Apple didn't "put two iPhones together". Instead, the prototype has two separate displays, but once the device is unfolded, there is only a narrow border between the two screens, so that an almost seamless transition is said.
Like many other manufacturers, Apple should always experiment with new form factors, for example, to explore new usage concepts. because a prototype exists does not mean that it will become a finished device that will be sold.