Disney + Cancels The Bandwidth Reduction Stream with a Full Pulse

Disney + Cancels The Bandwidth Reduction, "Stream with a Full Pulse".

When significantly more people stayed at home at the beginning of the corona crisis and used streaming services around the clock, many providers hit the brakes and reduced the bandwidth. Now that is over at least at Disney +.HD and UHD streaming is now available again without restrictions. This reports the Disney + PR agency. Accordingly, the bandwidth reduction, which was set up as a temporary measure in spring, has gradually been lifted. 
It is expected that the complete Disney + catalog will be available for streaming again in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in HD and UHD formats as of today," said the announcement. In addition, a variety of films and series start on Disney +, which offer Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

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This gives subscribers full access to all quality levels. At the beginning of the corona crisis, the EU Commission intervened and asked the streaming providers to reduce the bit rate in order not to risk failures due to network congestion. There were no major problems and so slowly but surely everything goes back to "normal business".
If you still notice throttling today, you should wait and log in again tomorrow if necessary. However, Disney + automatically recognizes the system's capacities and the speed of the customer's internet connection and tries to deliver the best possible quality based on this.
Despite all the measures that are rather uncomfortable for the customer, Disney + has already established itself in Germany in the first months of availability. At the beginning of May, the provider had over 55 million subscribers worldwide.
How much the provider has grown in the last few weeks is still unknown - but it is already clear that Disney + operates in a sector that customers can still join despite the Netflix and Amazon subscription.