FritzOS 7.19: FritzBox 7590 and 7490 Receive A New Laboratory Updates

FritzOS 7.19: FritzBox 7590 and 7490 Receive A New Laboratory Updates

AVM is approaching the release of FritzOS 7.20 and is supplying the FritzBox 7590 and 7490 WLAN routers with a new laboratory update in advance. The beta update now available for download brings improvements in the areas of the Internet, WLAN, telephony, and USB.
The Berlin IT company AVM is now supplying its two DSL routers FritzBox 7590 and 7490 with a fresh FritzOS laboratory patch. The new beta raises the firmware version to Fritz! OS 7.19-79325 or 7.19-79328. Among other things, the update aims to improve WLAN stability and to resolve problems with the activation of WLAN guest access. It also fixes an error that prevented Internet access when a VPN connection with a smartphone was used.

Changelog of the FritzOS versions 7.19-79325 and 7.19-



  • Improvement: Optimization of error handling (retransmit) for incorrect DNS responses   with DNS over TLS (DoT)
  • Fixed: The "Locked" child lock icon was displayed incorrectly in certain settings for the "Guest" profile
  • Fixed: After reboot, all prioritization rules for a network application except the first prioritization rule were deleted
  • Fixed: Internet access not possible when using a VPN connection with a smartphone
  • Fixed Device on the WiFi guest access of the repeater may not have been assigned an IP address via DHCP


  • Improvement: stability increased
  • Fixed: Connection problems of WLAN devices with QCA chipsets with channel bandwidth of 160 MHz (VHT160)
  • Fixed: Problems with the activation of the WLAN guest access
  • Fixed: Setup for using existing internet access via WLAN did not work


  • Improvement: Detailed corrections for the new Transfer function with IP phones
  • Improvement: Various detail corrections for telephony provider profiles for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands as well as further provider profiles added
  • Change: CardDAV provider 'MagentaCloud' renamed to 'Telekom Mail'
  • Fixed: Incorrect default setting for music on hold after loading the factory settings


  • Fixed: In some constellations, a connection to the online storage could not be established

We have listed the detailed release notes of the FritzOS laboratory update for the FritzBox 7590 and 7490 in the lower section of this news. If the AVM router used has already been connected to a beta update, the download can be initiated directly via the browser interface of the FritzBox. 
If you switch from a stable release to the laboratory, you can alternatively download the update from the AVM website. As usual, a backup is recommended before installing the update.