New World: The New Amazon MMO will Go Into Closed Beta in July

New World: The New Amazon MMO will Go Into Closed Beta in July

The developer of studio Amazon Games has announced that there will be a closed beta phase for the Amazon MMO New World in the coming month. In addition, a new gameplay trailer has been unveiled, giving an insight into the game's battle scenes.
The closed beta is scheduled to start on July 23. All pre-orderers of New World automatically have the opportunity to participate in the test phase. If you have not pre-ordered the game, you can register for the closed beta phase on the official website. You will then be informed by email whether you can participate in the closed beta. A new trailer gives a foretaste of the battle experience of the title.

New World is an MMORPG that takes players into the wilds of the fictional world Aeternum. On the island, players have the opportunity to compete against each other and ensure their survival on the island. For this, the players can also work together cooperatively and form communities.

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The mass battles represent a special feature. Up to 100 players can fight on a battlefield. The combat system is skill-based. The attacks and movements can be controlled directly. Character progress is not tied to classes.

New World appears in two editions

The new online role-playing game is to be published in two different versions. In addition to the standard edition, which costs just under 40 euros, there will be a deluxe edition for an additional charge of 10 euros.

In addition to a digital art book, the deluxe edition also gives the player some in-game objects that should make it easier to start the adventure. Both editions qualify for participation in the closed beta, which is due to start in late July.
The full version of the New World will be released on August 25th for the PC. The game is developed by Amazon Games. The development team has also been involved in other multiplayer titles such as Destiny, World of Warcraft, and Everquest. New World can be pre-ordered through Amazon or Steam. The prices are of course completely identical.